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To lead successfully through disruption and change needs a new type of leadership

- Alison Cameron -

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  • Alison Cameron


    Alison is passionate about supporting organisations to be more humane places where humility and vuln

As the home of leading-edge approaches to Leadership, Facilitation and Leadership Team effectiveness, our clients value the authenticity, passion and deep insight we bring to our work with them.

As guides, we provide wise counsel to leaders and their organisations on how to create sustainable and liberating leadership cultures.

We are passionate about helping heart and soul guided leaders to be their greatest selves and make the worlds they operate in kinder and more intelligent. We help leaders to better navigate and thrive through the complexity and chaos of systems they operate in.

Who we work with

We partner with leaders who care about their people and organisations. We listen, we have great conversations, where necessary we challenge, always in service to your highest outcomes. In the spirit of true partnership, our clients work with us on the principles of mutual accountability and trust. We work with leaders and leadership teams from large and small corporates, social enterprise, not for profit as well as solo entrepreneurs. We also engage in select pro-bono work with a particular interest in supporting indigenous leaders.

PO Box 217, Currumbin, Qld

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